2021 Grants

The Jenkins Foundation conducts twice yearly grant cycles, awarded in March and September. The following list provides a snapshot of the projects that reinforce our strategic focus areas, and help to create a healthier Richmond region.

To best support our nonprofit partners as they respond to the needs of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, the following organizations received grants for general operating support unless otherwise noted in the description. 

Spring 2021 

Access to Primary Health Care

Access to Mental Health Care

  • Challenge Discovery Projects – $30,000
  • Chesterfield CASA – $20,000 to support volunteer-driven court advocacy for abused and neglected children. 
  •  ChildSavers – $100,000 to support increased access to trauma-informed children’s mental health services through a school-based approach (First installment of a three-year, $300,000 grant). 
  • Greater Richmond SCAN – $50,000  to support trauma-informed mental health treatment services. 
  • Henrico CASA – $25,000 to support volunteer-driven court advocacy for abused and neglected children. 
  • HomeAgain – $40,000 to support mental health care and substance use disorder counseling resources for individuals participating in housing programs. 
  • Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center – $50,000 to support culturally appropriate and linguistically specific mental health services. 
  • The Innerwork Center – $16,000 to support culturally responsive mindfulness training for Richmond Public Schools teachers. 
  • UMFS – $40,000
  • YWCA of Richmond – $50,000

Fall 2021

Grants are awarded as general operating support unless otherwise noted.

Access to Primary Health Care

Access to Mental Health Care

  • Christo Rey Richmond – To support a new mental health counseling program to help students build resiliency skills and cope with stress, fear, trauma and anxiety.
  • Full Circle Grief Center - $25,000 to support professionally-led grief support groups
  • Gateway Homes - $50,000 to support the community-based mental health clinic for adults and adolescents living with several mental illness
  • Hanover Safe Place - $50,000
  • Safe Harbor - $40,000 to provide counseling and case management for survivors of sexual and domestic violence and human trafficking.
  • Safe Harbor - $40,000 to support the development of a new Human Trafficking Emergency Shelter
  • Senior Connections - $30,000 to provide flexible respite care options for caregivers of older adults
  • Virginia Supportive Housing - $50,000 to provide supportive services for clients with mental health conditions or substance use disorders.

Prevention & Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

  • CARITAS - $90,000 to support the Healing Place for Men and the Healing Place for Women
  • Elk Hill – $60,000 to support the Substance Abuse Prevention Program
  • REAL LIFE - $40,000
  • SAARA of Virginia - $20,000 to support young people in recovery