Strategic Goals

As outlined in its strategic plan completed in 2018, the Jenkins Foundation will focus on improving access to primary health care, access to mental health care, and prevention and treatment of substance use disorders. The Board will address these priorities through three strategic goals.

Education and Collaboration

Increase attention to health and wellness through community education and collaboration

The Jenkins Foundation is committed to working collaboratively with philanthropic partners and learning with grantees. Board members will lead and convene conversations on their priority issues, engage in joint planning and education efforts, and develop benchmarks for capturing and evaluating progress.

Strategic and Proactive Grantmaking

Make strategic and targeted investments to improve health and wellness in Greater Richmond

The Jenkins Foundation will strategically address its top priorities for action in the Greater Richmond region—access to primary and mental health care and treatment of substance use disorders—through targeted funding. The Board will collect and review data on community needs in these areas and measure its efforts to support continuous improvement.

By targeting funding toward priority areas and focusing on the systemic causes for poor health outcomes, the Foundation strives to create more positive, cumulative change with and for the community. The Foundation also will become a more effective grantmaker as the board and its support staff increases the depth and rigor of its approach to improving community health.

Staffing and Governance

Increase board knowledge and capacity to accelerate community improvements

Strategic priorities will be further enhanced by leveraging the Foundation’s human capital and organizational capacity. With a more defined committee structure, staffing responsibilities, and point of contact for internal and external work, board members will be better positioned to support collaborative and community efforts.

Board members will invest their time to become more deeply informed about priority issues. They will align board committees to support the implementation of the strategic plan and develop a communications plan to increase visibility and invite more interaction with the community.

Download OUR 2019-2021 Strategic Plan Summary